I.D. Cards

In order to provide for the identification of individuals in the Ursinus community, students, faculty, and staff are given identification cards. Students should carry these cards at all times as they may be required to access certain College buildings, services and events. In addition to identification, these cards may have monetary value assigned to them by Dining Services as part of the meal plan obtained by the card holder; thus all members of the Ursinus community should report a lost or stolen I.D. card immediately to protect this value. In addition, a bar code printed on the I.D. allows students to check out books in the Myrin Library, and gain access to the Athletic Complex.

To obtain a replacement I.D., students must go to the Technical Support Center in the Myrin Library, and present some other form of photo I.D. with a signature. The cost of the replacement card is $10.
Presentation of a valid I.D. card is required for access to the Dining Hall and Athletic Complex.