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Ursinus is the ideal college for the student undecided about his or her major.  Why?  Because Ursinus is solely dedicated to undergraduates.  Students from the first course to their last learn from highly-qualified faculty—never graduate teaching assistants.  Our 12-1 student to faculty ratio, highly individualized faculty advising system, and nationally recognized Common Intellectual Experience are all designed to make your first year a time of intellectual excitement and academic exploration.

You do not need to enter Ursinus with a declared major.  Our faculty does not require you to know where you’ll end up before you even start.  They do, however, expect you to be passionate about learning and persistent in your study habits.  The first year is a time for transition.  We believe major and career choices are best made after you establish your interests and time management skills.

The Ursinus faculty believes your college education is as much a process as it is a diploma.  Think independently.  Consider wisely.  Ensure that your work comes from a satisfying and authentic place.

Ursinus is the perfect laboratory for the inquiring, eager, and dedicated.  You will learn how your passions are linked, how to make sense out of confusion, how to combine your interests, explore new ones, and put it all together.


EXPLORE OUR CENTER FOR  ACADEMIC ADVISING If you are undecided about your major, our First-Year Advisers are there to assist you. They will help you select and schedule courses, choose a major, determine career goals and prepare for professional school.

EXPLORE THE MAJORS MINORS FAIR. Spend an afternoon with  faculty and fellow students at our annual fair sponsored by the Career Services Office. We'll tell you about our unique classes, career paths, internships, co-curricular activities, undergraduate research, study abroad and external-learning opportunities.