Sustainability Fellows

Our student Sustainability Fellows work on sustainability initiatives on and off campus within a professional, staff-mentored setting. Fellows develop communication and leadership skills that have helped them land jobs and graduate school acceptances.  Sustainability Fellows research, design, and implement outreach projects and communicate with the campus community about complex sustainability issues.

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Meet our Sustainability Fellows and learn about their programs:

Fellows working on OS Programs


Grace Barter: Organic Farm Assistant  Grace started as the farm assistant in January 2014.  She will help with all the jobs on the Organic Farm.  She'll help out with planning, weeding, harvesting, and running the farmers' market stand.

Emma Danz: Recycling  Emma is working on recycling and focusing on Recyclemania.  She will be raising awareness about recycling on campus and on composting in Lower Wismer.  To learn more about recycling on campus, please click here.


Axel Gonzalez: Organic Farm Student Director  Axel began working as our student farm director in January 2014.  He will work with staff to till the farm soil, plant/start seeds, tend the orchard/plants/chickens/herbs, work at the farmers' market and raise awareness about the Farm on campus and in the community. 
To learn more about the Organic Farm, click here.

 Josh Hoffman

Josh Hoffman: Green Certification Program   Josh designed a green living certification program for UC students.  This program focuses on increasing participation in on-campus sustainability programming and activities by incentivizing living sustainably.  Click here to take the survey.

Sarah Huang: Real Food Challenge    Sarah is gathering baseline data of "real foods" that we serve here on campus to support UC's participation in the Real Food Challenge (RFC).  Sarah will also be working to involve local area schools in localizing their food systems as well as partnering with the Ursinus Farm.


Megan Maccaroni: Media & Communications  Megan will be our mouthpiece in the spring of 2014.  She will work to get the good works of our Fellows and others across campus out to the campus community and beyond.  If you've got a news story to tell, email Megan here.

Megan will also be working on our Arbor Day festivities as part of our Tree Campus USA commitments.


Travis Maider: Bikeshare & Bees  Travis is our Bikeshare coordinator.  He organizes bike rides in the community and on the trail, makes sure the bikes are repaired when needed, works with the campus safety staff, and handles online registration. Travis also maintains and cares for the College's bee hives at the organic farm. Travis  coordinated the recycling effort during Move-In for the 2013-14 year.

 Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall: Energy Fellow   Hannah is working with our office on lowering the campus' carbon footprint.  She will be working closely with the OS staff to create an outreach campaign and energy competitions.  She will also help gather information on the energy use of the college,  input the data into an online calculator.

 Zach Trauger

Zach Trauger: UCGreen EcoReps     Zach is the Fellow for our EcoReps program, He will work closely with the Residence Life RA Sustainability Committee members and will also organize volunteers around campus sustainability projects. To meet our UCGreen EcoReps, click here.

OPEN POSITIONS:  to find out more, email the Office of Sustainability!

Water Conservation Fellow: We are looking for a student who is passionate about water to help us raise awareness about water use, conservation, and the virtues of tap water over bottled water.  If you are interested, please contact us here.


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