Our Commitment to Service

Here at Ursinus College, we believe that good mental health is not the absence of problems - everyone has problems at one time or another.  Good mental health does, however, involve the ability to utilize appropriate resources to help resolve the problem. We are here to help.

It often takes some courage to step into the unknown, set up an appointment and walk through a psychologist/counselor's door.  Often when you feel a need to show how competent you are, it is hard to say, "I need help."  Needing help is normal and healthy and we are often a useful resource when the going gets tough.

Our staff of counselors and doctors offers many years of experience and a genuine concern for your well being.  If you seek our support you will find a safe, strictly confidential, place to talk about your concerns.


To make an appointment, please contact Denise Walsh at 610-409-3100 or stop by the Counseling Services Reception Desk within the Wellness Center to complete your confidential Counseling Intake Form.