Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is an inter-disciplinary minor that allows students to focus their studies on the literature, culture, arts, history, politics, and language of Latin America and the Caribbean,which includes Spanish-speaking, Francophone, and Lusophone countries of the Americas and Latino/a communities within the United States. The study of Latin America and the Caribbean not only offers insights into this region’s many cultures but also deepens knowledge of U.S., European, and African history, culture, politics and international relations. In addition to taking courses offered at Ursinus, students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in Latin America.


Douglas McD. Cameron, Ph.D.,
Professor of Spanish
B.A., Harvard College;
C. Phil., Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Olin Hall 610-409-3000 x 3533
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Xochitl Shuru, Ph.D. Chair
Associate Professor of Modern Languages
B.A. Loyola Marymount University
M.A. University of California
Ph.D. University of New Mexico
610-409-3000 x 3418
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Teresa Ko, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Spanish
B.A., Yonsei University
M.A. Seoul National University
MPhil/PhD Columbia University
Olin Hall
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(610) 409-4578