Recent Achievements:

Rebecca Hollenbach 2013 : Phi Beta Kappa (’12); Honors in French : “Devenir femme: Manifestations du mal-être dans la littérature féminine francophone” (Advisors : Frances Novack and Colette Trout).  Presented a paper at CoSA on : « Manifestations of Malaise in Francophone Literary Texts », April 17, 2013.  Was accepted as a English Assistant by the French Embassy Teaching Assistant Program In France (TAPIF) for the 2013-2014 school year in Lyon.

Kenza Sijelmassi 2013 wrote an Honors paper in Sociology on a cross cultural topic: “ A Cross Cultural Comparison of the Creation of Ghettos and their Perpetuation in American and French Society”. Kenza started her project in Paris, during her study abroad in 2012, and interviewed many young French people of immigrant origin living in the ‘cités’.

Johanna Warren 2013, Phi Beta Kappa ( ’13); Distinguished  Honors in International Relations on a cross cultural topic “France’s Role in the Arab Spring: Transforming Foreign Policy”. Prof. Trout served as an unofficial consultant.

William Godfrey 2013, Phi Beta Kappa (’13); Honors in International Relations.  Will was accepted in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, 2013-2015.  He developed his interest in Africa thanks to courses in Francophone literature and cultures and was mentored by Prof. Novack. 

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French author Marie Darrieussecq discussed racism in France and how it influenced her latest book, Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes (One Must Love Men a Lot). 


Johanna Warren, 2013

French and International Relations major
Johanna interned at the Assembly of European Regions (AER) during her study abroad experience in Strasburg in 2011.



Congratulations to
Ari Callahan, 2004

Ari, a French and Theater Major at Ursinus, went onto receive her M.A. at NYU.

In March 2012, Ari successfully defended her dissertation "Developing Theatrically: Staging Agency and Influence in Burkinabè Theatrical Production" at Wisconsin-Madison University.

After graduating from Ursinus, Ari traveled to Burkina Faso to work with a director and playwright and theater troupe who were the focus of her later work on  theater development.  Ari has continued to contribute to the theatrical community in Burkina,  as well as share her knowledge of Burkina Faso to this country.