Lara Welch 2012

Spanish Major
UC in Madrid Participant
I remember thinking to myself how amazing the world is when I stepped into a white, red striped, taxi cab at Madrid Barajas airport for the first time. But, truly, I had no idea how defining learning Spanish would be post ten months of studying abroad! More>


Mary Barbagallo 2013

Spanish/Anthropology Double Major
In choosing to major in Spanish at Ursinus, I knew I would be fulfilling a dream of mine that started in middle school with my very first Spanish class. I love to talk and I loved the idea of being able to talk to even more people by becoming bilingual. More>


Q&A with Eva Bramesco 2012

Spanish Major
UC in Madrid Participant
Q: What type of community practicum (i.e. internship) did you pursue in UC in Madrid? More>


Q&A with Leah Troianello 2004

UC in Madrid Participant
Q: How did your study abroad experience impact your life after graduation?
Other than gathering the experience of language and culture, I became a much more independent person.More>



Lauren Palazzi 2012

French / English Double Major
Of all of the experiences and skills that I learned while at Ursinus College, earning my French major was one of the most fulfilling. I never imagined that I would study a foreign language in college, let alone ultimately major and graduate with Honors in French. With the help of a very supportive advisor and dedicated professors, I found that learning another language wasn't just about words. More>


Margaux Thieme-Burdette 2010

French Major / German Minor
I decided to major in French my freshman year because I was in love with the language and the culture. The French Department at Ursinus has helped my language skills grow through studying abroad in Strasbourg, and exploring my own interest in the German Occupation of France through research projects my Sophomore and Senior years. I gained a deeper sense of the history and culture attached to the language, which helped me connect with my French and German relatives. More>

Nickie Sene 2006

French and International Relations Double Major
Studying French at Ursinus College transformed both my professional and personal life in ways I could never have imagined. As part of the French program at UC, I studied abroad in Saint Louis, Senegal for 6 months and completed a summer internship at the United States Embassy of Cotonou, Benin. After graduating in 2006, I joined the Peace Corps and served as a community development and education volunteer in rural, northwest Benin from 2006-2008. Since then, I have completed a MA in International Development Studies with a geographic focus on sub-Saharan, Francophone West Africa and a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. More> 

Aralene (Ari) Callahan 2004

French and Theater Double Major
M.A. from New York University
Ari successfully defended her dissertation on "Developing Theatrically: Staging Agency and Influence in Burkinabè Theatrical Production" in March 2012 at Wisconsin-Madison University.



Martina Dzuna 2011

German / Environmental Studies Double Major
Many students land nicknames while at Ursinus that last for the rest of their lives. Some stem from monikers picked up on the playing fields, while others come from the freshman dorms or Greek Life. But 2011 graduate Martina Dzuna owes her sobriquet, Wunderkind, to the classroom. More>



Daeun Jeong 2012

Biology Major/ Chinese Minor
Semester in Beijing Participant
If you have not been to any other Asian countries, are not used to the city life, then China will be very foreign to you. Maybe even too hectic. Even if you have lived in the city, I would still say the life in China is different. Compared to the college experience in Ursinus, in China I felt free. I wasn’t bound to the school campus. On weekends or even school days, after class and doing my work, I could easily walk to a store or grab a public transportation, which is easily accessible, and go traveling to new places. The only barrier I would say I had was the language. But that is the reason why I went there. To break the language barrier and improve my Chinese. If you let the language barrier prevent you from doing what you want, you become secluded. And as a result the more homesick you get, the more you are unhappy you become, and the more bad things you notice about the country. The students who really enjoyed the study abroad experience in China are the ones who were not afraid- not afraid of trying new things, not afraid of adventures, not afraid of the language barrier, not afraid of new places. We didn’t let barriers prevent us from immersing ourselves in what China could provide us with and enjoying the experience to the fullest that honestly… we didn’t want to come back.