modern Language Internship

Johanna Warren 2013

French and International Relations major

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) in Strasburg

At the AER, Johanna has been assigned to work under the supervision of the assistant to the Secretary General, at a time when the workload of this organization is particularly heavy and also in a period of transition, as a new Secretary General prepares to take over. Her responsibilities include not only a number of daily tasks such as telephone reception, correspondence by email and letter in both French and English, preparation of monthly and quarterly newsletters, and the like, but also active participation in the preparation of the annual meetings of AER, which will be held at the end of November in the Azores. Johanna has sole responsibility for the production of an information brochure presenting the speakers who will be featured at these meetings (biographical notices, translations, graphic design). Lastly, she produces translations or English-language editing of various texts for AER.

Johanna is an exemplary intern, according to her supervisors. The AER staff is above all impressed by the professional-level quality of Johanna’s work on the brochure. More generally, she is appreciated for her efficient work habits, discretion and the high quality of her written expression in French.

PROPOSED RESEARCH TOPIC: some theme related to the question of early career steps by young European professionals, a subject of work by several colleagues at the AER.


Johanna Warren, 2013

French and International Relations major
Johanna interned at the Assembly of European Regions (AER) during her study abroad experience in Strasburg in 2011.



Congratulations to
Ari Callahan, 2004

Ari, a French and Theater Major at Ursinus, went onto receive her M.A. at NYU.

In March 2012, Ari successfully defended her dissertation "Developing Theatrically: Staging Agency and Influence in Burkinabè Theatrical Production" at Wisconsin-Madison University.

After graduating from Ursinus, Ari traveled to Burkina Faso to work with a director and playwright and theater troupe who were the focus of her later work on  theater development.  Ari has continued to contribute to the theatrical community in Burkina,  as well as share her knowledge of Burkina Faso to this country.