Navigating Blackboard


Blackboard Tabs

Tabbed Blackboard Areas:

  • Ursinus Tab:  Faculty and students can access all classes and orginazations they are teaching or are enrolled in and can Hot Links, Tools - check grades, SPTQ, and access Myrin Library search. From this tab, the user can click the underlined course, orginazation, tool or hot link to access the content available.
  • Courses Tab:  This tab provides a complete and detailed listing of all courses faculty or students are enrolled in. Users can click course titles to enter the course.
  • Community Tab:  Blackboard Communities are online environments for formal and informal organizations and clubs at the college. Blackboard Communities are only viewable to enrollees of an Ursinus Community.
  • E-Mail Tab:  This tab will open up web mail. You will need to login to access you email.
  • Facilities Schedule Tab: Looking up room availability as well as requesting room reservations may be taken care of from this area.
  • UC Infonet Tab:  Faculty and Students may access a variety of items that are.



Blackboard Gateway

After a user has logged into Blackboard, they will be directed to Blackboard’s gateway, the customizable default entry page providing access to all classes faculty and students are enrolled in.  Users will have access to links and tabbed content areas across the top of the page, providing access to a variety of Ursinus and Blackboard information depending on the needs of the user.



Individual Courses

Individual Course

  1. Upon entering an individual Blackboard course, students and faculty will have access to the Course Menu, providing links to course content and tools.  The Course Menu is fully customizable and is administered by the course instructor(s).
  2. Faculty members will also have access to the Control Panel, located directly under the Course Menu.  Here the faculty member will be able to manage their course through a variety of menu areas including:  the Content Collection, Course Tools, Evaluation, Grade Center, Users and Groups, Customization, and Packages and Utilities.
  3. The Home Page is the course entry page and provides easy and instant access to important course information.  Faculty members can customize and arrange the modules on the Home Page based on priorities and preferences determined by the faculty member.