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Career Planning

Aspiring Doctors
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Handbook   
Careers in Chemistry from UNCW
Careers in Chemistry from Udel
Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Explore Health Careers
The Career Project
Life Sciences World
National Academy of Sciences
NIH Lifeworks 
University of TN - What can I do with this degree? - Chemistry 
University of TN - What can I do with this degree? - Medical Fields 


Job & Internship Search
New Scientist Jobs
Association of Science-Technology Center
Careers in Science
Jobs in Science
Science Careers
Research Experiences for Undergrads
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Scientific Employment/Temporary Staffing Agencies 
Temporary Staffing Agencies
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Federal and State 

Federal Job Search
Federal Jobs.Net
Go Government 
Government Jobs
Public Service Careers 
USA Jobs 


Professional Associations

American Chemical Society
American Academy of Forensic Science



Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 
Chemical Week Magazine


CS SPOTLIGHT: American Chemical Society

ACS Logo

The American Chemical Society provides great information including Career Advice and an Employment Dashboard.

ACS Graph

The Employment Dashboard is a visual control panel that lets you examine results from ACS employment surveys. You can choose a region of interest (e.g., New England) and choose your category—Salary, Employment, or Demographics. You can view data by individual region or select "All Regions".