Aubrey Paris, Class of 2015aubrey paris

Hometown: Delran, N.J.

Major: Biology and Chemistry

Graduation Plans: Ph.D. in Biology, Chemistry or Environmental Science

“I always thought that a career in research would suit me well, but I also enjoy public speaking and presentation,” Paris says. “I believe the most suitable career for my future would be one which includes both the application and presentation of science and its advancements.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Since Paris’s first semester of her freshman year, she has worked as member of Dr. Robert Dawley’s student research team in the Biology department studying the  population densities of white-footed mice in continuous versus fragmented forests. Most recently, she also helped to plan and plot a new site for the study in the woods on campus. “This research program has helped me to develop skills necessary for future research and has also served to establish research as a possible career path,” she says. Additionally, Paris hopes to undertake a cross-disciplinary study regarding the chemical improvement of plant photosystems.

Plans to promote the common good:

As a future researcher, Paris hopes to not only make new scientific discoveries, but also present them in public. “I hope to present discoveries to both scientific and non-scientific audiences at a variety of events around the around the world,” she says. “Where many people struggle to speak comfortably before others, I find it to be a challenge and an opportunity to express new ideas to individuals.” Paris feels that the work of scientists in the lab or in the field is important, but it loses significance when it can’t be articulated. She hopes to bridge this gap.  

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

Paris served as a planning committee member for the Relay For Life of Delran, N.J. She helped with logistics, team retention, and team recruitment. At the event, she used her public speaking ability and talked at several ceremonies during the night, as the emcee of the Survivor and Luminaria ceremonies as well as the public address announcer. Additionally Paris founded and presided over the Delran High School Environmental Club her junior and senior years of high school. The experience she gained helped her initiate and run the UC Recyclemanics, a group that works to increase rates of recycling and decrease rates of overall waste production on campus while participating in the international Recyclemania competition. As the vice-president during the group’s inaugural year, she planned a variety of volunteer-driven activities, organized the volunteers, communicated results to the campus community, and ran UC Recyclemaniacs’ first campus-wide event. Paris also took a role in local politics as a strategist and volunteer in Delran, creating flyers and walking door-to -door.