Cara Sulyok Cara Sulyok, Class of 2015
Hometown: Lansdale, Pa.
Major: Mathematics
Graduation Plans: Ph.D. in Mathematics

“I wish to be a professor at a College or University in Mathematics and would hope to include a self-written textbook with my courses that clearly defines and gives examples of new Mathematical topics. I hope my new curriculum would help the United States raise Mathematics standardized testing scores in regard to world standings.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Sulyok hopes her future will involve statistics — particularly the role statistics plays in education. “I would like to work on topics such as different teaching techniques that can be used to encourage growth in Mathematics for young students or on why young women do not score as well on standardized mathematics tests,” she says.

Plans to promote the common good:

Sulyok believes dedicated teachers are needed to assist in meeting the many educational challenges that exist, and hopes that as a female, she will be a role model for female youths who want to pursue a career in mathematics.

“By designing a new curriculum, I hope to help the United States become more competitive with mathematics testing scores,” she says. I want my students to understand mathematical concepts. I want to change lives of students through mathematics.”

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

Sulyok began training as a martial artist in TaeKwon-Do at age five, became a first-degree black belt at 11, and is presently a third-degree black belt. She believes she offers a different perspective by using the tenets of TaeKwon-Do: self-control, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. “Leadership was an unexpected addition upon receiving my black belt,” she says. “I found that leadership is something from within and needs to be cultivated.” Sulyok is also a lifeguard and swim instructor at the North Penn YMCA. Prior to her senior year of high school, she developed a new curriculum for the aquatics division of the Y, a course called Porpoise Club which taught swimming and lifeguarding skills for skilled swimmers and non-swimmers.