Kate PowerKatlin Power, Class of 2015

Hometown: Yardley, Pa.
Major: Biology
Graduation Plans: Ph.D. in Biology

“Studying genetics interests me greatly and I believe that gene therapy has the potential to cure many diseases and ailments. I am also interested in ecology because studying the various ecosystems on Earth would be beneficial for conservation efforts and the education of the general population. Either one of these careers would fulfill my goals of studying something I am passionate about as well as advancing the quality of life for many people.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Although Power is not currently involved with a research project, she hopes to begin a one involving evolution and genetics: specifically how the genome of a living organism is modified in response to an outside stimulus..

Plans to promote the common good:

Power plans to be a researcher as well as a communicator in explaining new scientific discoveries to both peers in science and others. She believes doing this will promote the understanding of science, which in turn gathers more support for further research.

“The more the public understands and accepts science, the more supportive and trusting they will be of the scientific community,” she says.

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

Power has leadership experience from high school as co-captain of her bowling team, historic-site educator and hospital volunteer. As a camp counselor at Pennsbury Manor, a historical site on the Delaware River, she taught children about colonial life and through activities helped explain the Manor’s history. She also volunteered at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Bucks County, speaking to patients and their relatives in the emergency room to see what they needed.