Kevin MonahanKevin Monahan, Class of 2015

Hometown: East Windsor, N.J.
Major: Biology
Graduation Plans: Medical School

“I want to help under-privileged people in need, whether it is in hospitals, clinics or educational environments,” Monahan says. “I also hope to research and discover new and improved ways to treat patients through new surgical techniques and less invasive procedures.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Monahan hopes to undertake a biology research project. As a member of the Ursinus football team, the topic of taking legal supplements in order to increase performance is always up for debate. Monahan hopes to explore which supplements have the greatest effects on the body and what are those effects. He hopes his research would not only be limited to athletes, but to all types of people. “Research on how the distribution of these supplements could possibly create healthier lifestyles for kids and adults in third world countries facing malnutrition is something I hope to explore,” he says.

Plans to promote the common good:

Monahan hopes to establish a nationwide program that would encourage early exposure to careers in medicine to young high schools students. The program’s goal would be to spark students’ interests in fields that they never knew existed or believed they would consider. “Ultimately, I would hope this program would lead to an increase in the number of doctors throughout our country that come from different ethnic, racial and income level backgrounds,” he says

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

In high school, Monahan worked for an organization called Next Level Youth by tutoring grade school children. He was responsible for a group of 12 students and helped them review topics that were difficult to understand in class. He was also a confirmation leader at his local church and assisted students there and facilitated discussions.

Sports have also played a major role in Monahan’s leadership development as captain of both his football and baseball teams in high school. “I held player-only meetings in which goals were set, ideas were presented, and team unity was strengthened,” he says. Also in high school, Monahan organized a “haunted walk” for the community in which all the proceeds were donated to the Crohn’s and Colitis foundations. He received recognition from the mayor of his town and received a proclamation for the event.