Samir ShahSamir Shah, Class of 2015
River Vale, N.J.
Major: Neuorscience
Graduation Plans: Medical School

“Becoming a physician allows me to be at the forefront of science and technology,” says Shah. “But it also helps me make a tangible impact on the lives of fellow human beings. I hope to help those who fall ill, even in the face of social injustices such as race or the inequitable distribution of insurance.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Shah began conducting scientific research as a freshman in high school when he began a self-made internship at a nearby Cancer Center. Under the mentorship of  the Director of the Cancer Center, Shah learned numerous laboratory and bioinformatics techniques over the course of his sophomore year. After this period of time, he was put in charge of his own project identifying biomarkers of ovarian cancer and was able to discover several biomarkers of ovarian cancer by the end of his senior year. At Ursinus he is conducting research with the worm C. elegans in Dr. Rebecca Lyczak’s Biology lab, where he works with other students to identify suppressor strains of PAM-1 aminopeptidase within the organism

Plans to promote the common good:

Shah’s goal is to ensure the equitable distribution of healthcare through lending his expertise to non-profit organizations such as Partners in Health, which promotes global health care as a human right. “Working with such non-governmental organizations, I also hope to study free trade agreements that inhibit access to much needed medications in some developing nations, and work toward rectifying such horrific situations that leads to countless unwarranted deaths,” says Shah.” I strongly believe that being part of an NGO that aims to help people reclaim their health will be an ethical responsibility of mine as a physician, but more importantly, as a human being.”

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

Shah is Clinical Coordinator of Ursinus College Emergency Medical Services. He serves as a liaison of the College with Trappe Ambulance Company and the Collegeville Police Department regarding any medical emergencies concerning students. He also directs on-scene treatments of patients when on call, and trains observers and new recruits. In addition to that position, Shah also serves as the newly elected Vice President and Treasurer of UC Bioethics, and the Secretary of the Broadbeck-Anderson Pre-Medical Society.