Travis MaiderTravis Maider, Class of 2014
Townsend, Mass.
Major: Chemistry and Spanish
Graduation Plans: Ph.D. in Chemistry

“I hope to use Chemistry in ways that will significantly help reduce and remove ground water and soil contamination in the promotion of better and safer agricultural practices in developing nations,” says Maider. “This includes possible work with bees, which I have come to love through my work at the Ursinus Organic Farm.”

Current Work and Research Project:

Maider works closely with Dr. Ronald Hess in the Chemistry Department in the creation of phenylarylketene trimers. “Essentially, this is strict synthetic Chemistry with the aim of producing new compounds of this highly unexplored chemical family,” he says. Maider plans to pursue honors in Chemistry.

Plans to promote the common good:

Maider hopes to focus his talents on food and water safety throughout the world. He hopes to help people reduce and reverse contamination of soil and water and through this, help preserve struggling species and ecosystems. “Food and water safety is a situation that is reaching a critical point,” he says. “It is predicted that two billion more people will join the world in the next 40 years.”

Most interesting leadership experience so far:

Maider volunteers his time twice a week at ACLAMO in Norristown, an after-school program that is aimed to help children with their homework as well as teach science and engineering. “I know how to excite, incite, and encourage healthy conversation among 20 children ages six to 12 and still keep it interesting,” he says.