Member Expectations

Members will serve as champions and local spokespersons of the College. They will host events that build greater understanding and appreciation for the College and develop a culture of giving.

Members will:

  • Convene, help organize, build attendance, and host at least two events in each market for alumni, parents and friends of the College; be willing to sign and send thank you note with ask to all attendees.

  • Seek and receive inside information from the College and, therefore, become better informed and educated ambassadors of Ursinus.

  • Offer advice and counsel to the Advancement Department regarding new initiatives or programs (for example: messaging, developing affinity and athletics fundraising programs, building alumni loyalty locally, engaging parents as soon as their son or daughter accepts the offer of admission).

  • Serve as champions of the College and encourage strong students to apply to Ursinus.

  • Cultivate local constituents and advise the College on the best way to reach out to them.

  • Demonstrate the desire to give and become leadership annual giving donors to the President’s Circle (according to individual capacity).

  • Make a strong effort to attend an annual gathering at the College designed for members to receive in-depth inside information and for the College to seek advice.

  • Collaborate and participate in Admissions and Career Services-related programming (i.e. regional parent partnerships and internship/career placement opportunities for current students).