ThomsonJames Thomson, 2013

Business & Economics Major

Quick Facts

 Kraft Foods, Inc.

Summer 2012 - Paid Position



This summer, James Thomson interned in the sales department at Kraft Foods, Inc. in Horsham, PA. As an intern he was given the task of making sure product arrived in stores every day and making sure managers were happy with the product they were receiving at all times. “I made sure that store managers weren’t receiving too much or too little and had the product they needed to fill the shelves.” However, he also had the opportunity to shadow senior employees in the hierarchy at Kraft Foods.

Skills Utilized

Thomson found that the Business Management course, here at Ursinus College, was noticeably beneficial in aiding his performance. The problem solving and customer relations' experience that he gained from the class as well all of his business classes contributed a great deal to his success.


“I took every one of the shadowing opportunities I was offered because it was an amazing networking experience,” said Thomson. He would spend a day or two shadowing and working on his networking skills. Shadowing aside, “the networking opportunities were huge… even to this day if I go into a grocery store in the area, I’ll see one of the sales representatives I met and we catch up.”

Future Implications

After working at Kraft Foods the previous summer, this internship “just strengthened my love for [the company],” he said. They provide a positive team-oriented work environment, said Thomson. “It just made me want to work there even more.”


“Once you get the internship, make sure they don’t regret taking you. Work as hard as you can. Work late, get there early and just do whatever you can do be remembered and give Ursinus a good name.”