Wesley Lumn Internship ProfileWesley Lum, 2014

Business and Exonomics major
Philosophy minor

(Shown in picture third from the right)

Quick Facts

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Management Trainee Intern
East Elmhurst, NY
Summer 2012 - paid



Wesley Lum interned this past summer at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a Management Trainee Intern. When asked to summarize his internship Lum responded, “It’s so hard though. I did almost everything.” He led marketing projects, participated in sales calls to increase local business and brand presence in the area. He worked with insurance adjusters who were responsible for billing for insurance replacement cars. “I shared a lot of the same responsibilities as entry level employees. I had the same car sales quotas to meet. But part of the program was that I was exposed to all aspects of the business. The difference between me and a marketing intern was that I didn’t only deal specifically with marketing but with all the daily ends and outs of the business.”

Skills Utilized

It was fairly easy going into the internship, said Lum. “In our business and economics department we stress the liberal arts aspect of our education.” Because of this, he had ample experience presenting projects and assignments in class, which easily translated into the marketing presentation he gave to the Vice President at the end of his internship. Another skill Lum claims came from Ursinus’ liberal education was understanding people. “I didn’t just understand business I really did understand how people worked.”


It was a great networking opportunity, said Lum, because they only hire from within. “You have to start within the company.” He was able to give a marketing presentation to the senior Vice President and Regional manager explaining what they had done to expand business locally. “They were also very interested in whether we wanted to stay with the company,” he says. Lum was invited to go back next summer and ultimately stay with the company upon graduation.

Future Implications

Lum is considering returning to the internship over winter break. “It taught me not only how to grow the company but also how to grow myself.


I don’t think people understand how important it is that your first round of screening to be hired is with the human resources department. So, even before you even know anyone within the company you have to meet the requirements in the job posting so be very conscious of what they’re looking for. And don’t be afraid to reach out. There are recruiters out there and they have answers to questions you have.