Matt Baron InternshipMatthew Baron, 2013

Psycology and Antropology/Sociology double major

Quick Facts

Bridgton Hospital
Intern at Center for Family Guidance
Bridgeton, NJ
Summer 2012, paid



Matthew Baron was an undergraduate intern at Bridgeton Hospital. It was the first time the hospital had offered this type of position so they were a little skeptical at first; however, Baron met the challenge with ease. His responsibilities were pretty broad “I did almost anything,” he said. “Lots of clerical work, filing… which was actually pretty interesting.” Baron claimed that reading through these files and case studies as part of his responsibilities allowed him to learn a lot more than you would expect. He also did a lot of observing of group therapy and individual sessions with clinicians. “I learned how to be a ghost in those situations. You know, you don’t want to show any emotion and that was something new for me.” He also co-facilitated several different councilor therapies. “It was really amazing to see the progress some of the kids made over the course of the summer.”

Skills Utilized

The internship really helped him develop his leadership abilities. “When I was working with the kids, they’d have all kind of questions and I’d need to be able to understand and answer them to the best of my ability.” He also tried to be self-motivated and maintain good time management skills.


Baron also felt that the internship was a good networking experience. He was able to talk to all the clinicians and counselors and connected with many of them over social media. “I have them to call and email in the future but they also told me so much about other programs and events. They turned me on to a lot of other internships and opportunities.”

Future Implications

Since his internship,  Baron has been in contact with the director and the founder of the Center for Family Guidance. Both of them seemed very pleased with his work, he said. They offered him another internship for next summer, which opens up some really interesting career options for him, he said. “I’ve always been interested in clinical psychology, for me it’s the most rewarding.”


“Don’t exclude any possibilities. Take advantage of your network and take advantage of your internship! I didn’t get to study abroad because of my school requirements so I needed something to fulfill my ILE. I would hope that I would have done this internship with or without fulfilling that requirement.”