Why is MCS changing the curriculum? 
These changes are designed to provide students with experience in media-making, academic and audience research methods, as well as critical thinking, speaking and writing competencies, which together are vital to professional success and to full membership in our participatory democracy. Students in this revised major are prepared for graduate study or employment in journalism, film and television industries, public service organizations, corporate communications and human resources, as well as public relations and advertising.

What are the major differences between the old MCS curriculum and the new one?

The three major changes are:

  1. MCS majors in the new curriculum are required to take three (3) 300-level courses and two (2) applied courses from MCS 207 to MCS 250.
  2. There are no upper-200 level courses any more.
  3. There are 4 areas of concentration that students have the option to pursue within the major: Journalism, Communication and Culture, Digital Media Studies, and Screen Studies.

Which curriculum applies to me?

Any student entering in 2012 or before may follow either curriculum. 

What do I do about taking 1 course at the upper 200 level if I want to follow old curriculum?

If you have not already taken a course in the upper 200's, you should take 3 courses at the 300 level (because the courses now in the upper 200's are applied courses).

What if I choose to follow the new curriculum but can’t “complete” what is listed as the area of concentration I’m interested in? Or what if I want to focus on two or more concentrations?
Areas of concentrations are optional and you may select from the list of courses under each area of concentration as you wish. 

When I took MCS 210, it counted toward the “art” requirement in the Core. However, that course no longer counts as an “art” course – does that mean I lose the art credit?
You keep the “art” requirement credit.

I want to follow the new curriculum, but the upper 200 level course that I took previously doesn’t seem to count for anything and I don’t want to lose credits.
All upper 200 level courses from the old curriculum will count as 300 level courses in the new curriculum so you won’t lose or waste any credits.

What should I do if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact any MCS faculty member if you have additional questions!