Green HousekeepingHousekeeping - Sustainable Approach

Ursinus College contracts out housekeeping to an independent contractor.  The housekeeping staff is comprised of approximately 25 employees.  These employees are responsible for cleaning the public spaces in all campus buildings, as well as staff/faculty offices.  They take out the garbage from the bins in those areas as well as removing the recycling from bins in public spaces indoors and share the responsibility with facilities for bins located outdoors.  They are responsible for transferring recycling and garbage to different dumpsters and determining whether there is contamination in the recycling bags. 

Our housekeeping staff members have been trained in how to identify recycling that is contaminated as well as the importance of recycling for our campus overall.  Contamination is a concern in certain areas of the campus.  Housekeeping staff have “contaminated” stickers that are placed on the contaminated bags as an educational initiative to help Ursinus community members know why certain bags of recycling are being put in the trash.  We also use green bags for our recycling bins so that it is easier for all community members to know what is and isn’t recycling. 

We use almost exclusively green cleaning products, chemicals, etc.  We require that our Housekeeping contractor provide recycled toilet paper and paper.  Our housekeeping staff members are on the front lines of our recycling efforts. They collect and distribute both trash and recycling for the academic and non-academic buildings on campus. They are educated about what can and cannot be recycled and recycling contamination issues

n building upon the campus culture and institutional vision/values of Ursinus College, sustainability programming helps to mutually support Ursinus as a leader in liberal arts education and sustainable development.  Taking an actively integral approach to the multidimensional issues involved with sustainability allows all stakeholders to come together in communication, to collaboratively build a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

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