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Sarah Huang


When you think of real food, what are some of the images that come to mind? Fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the farm? A home-cooked meal? Organic ingredients? For each of us, the definition may differ, but now Ursinus has someone who is trying to help us figure it all out. Meet Sarah Huang 2014. Read more.




The Early Assurance Program enables students who are dedicated to a career in medicine to gain assurance of a future place at the Drexel University College of Medicine (formerly MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine). Early assurance enables these unusually talented and committed students an extra degree of freedom in their four year, undergraduate Ursinus experience as they:  1) explore course offerings across the liberal arts and 2) pursue their own distinctive interests and capacities. 

It is important to note that the renowned premedical program at Ursinus is available to all students at the College. Students who do not receive the Early Assurance who enroll at Ursinus will have an excellent preparation for medical careers.  Ninety percent of Ursinus students who carry at least a 3.5 GPA gain admission to medical, dental, veterinarian and similar schools.  Please refer to the Ursinus PRE-MED brochure for more complete information.

A total of not more than four students per year will be accepted into this program.  To be considered, students must have made application to Ursinus College by November 15 and have indicated interest in the Medical School Early Assurance Program. 


  1. Criteria used in choosing the finalists:
    • Applicants must graduate from a US high school;
    • Applicants must have a minimal SAT Verbal/Critical Reading and Math score of 1300 with no subset less than 560;  The writing portion will not be considered;
    • Applicants should be in the top 10% of their high school class, where ranking is computed, and follow a rigorous curriculum including four years of English, three years of science (at least one semester each of biology, chemistry and physics), four years of mathematics;
    • Applicants should have a strong commitment to medicine and should have medical experience;
    • Applicants should have strong personal qualities such as awareness and consideration of others, independence, initiative, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility;
    • Applicants must indicate whether they have been convicted of a felony under the act of April 14, 1972 known as the Controlled Substance, Drug, Devices and Cosmetic Act or an offense under the laws of another jurisdiction, which, if committed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would be a felony under the Act.
  2. The Ursinus College Office of Admission chooses the top candidates in December, and contacts them with additional information.  In January the Premedical Advisory Committee interviews these finalists for recommendation to the Early Assurance Program. (These interviews are also used for Ursinus scholarship consideration.)
  3. Upon recommendation by the Ursinus College Premedical Advisory Committee, Drexel UCM invites some candidates in February for a personal interview.
  4. Successful candidates are given a provisional acceptance by the Medical Student Admissions Committee of Drexel UCM in April.     

TO REMAIN IN THE PROGRAM the student must:

  1. Complete all prerequisite course work published in the most recent catalog of Ursinus.
  2. Take all prerequisite courses at Ursinus; and
  3. Take a minimum 40 relevant science credit hours (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathemeatics) during the  udnergarduate years at Ursinus College.  AP credits may not substitute for any of the required 40 trotal science credit hours.  If AP courses are used to fultill any basic science courses, then higher level science courses must be taken to complete the 40 science credit hours; and
  4. Maintain a minimum cumulative overall grade point average of 3.5 (A=4.0), and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all BCPM courses (all biological sciences, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses), with no individual grade of less than a “C” (a “C-“ is less than a “C”) in any course  Students must achieve these requirements without repeating or withdrawing from any courses, and 
  5. Take the Medical College Admissions Test no later than April 30th of the student’s third year; and receive in a single examination, minimum MCAT scores of “9” or better in the verbal section and 10’s in the physical and biological sciences sections or a total minimum score of 31 (with no individual sub section score less than 8) and a letter score of “M” or higher on the writing section; and take the MCATP a total of no more than three (3) times to attain the required scores, and release MCAT scores to the Medical School, and
  6. Prior to July 1 of the end of the student’s third year at Ursinus, apply under the Early Assurance Program of the American Medical College Application Service (“AMCAS”), and
  7. Agree that they shall not apply to any other medical school other than Drexel University College of Medicine until the College of Medicine has made its final decision, and
  8. Receive the endorsement of their candidacy to the College of Medicine by Ursinus’ Premedical Advisory Committee and complete the undergraduate degree requirements of Ursinus, and
  9. Continue to demonstrate the personal, ethical and professional qualities necessary to become a member of the student body of the Medical school and fulfill his/her role as a future physician, and
  10. Be able to meet the Technical Standards as required by the College of Medicine, and
  11. Complete and provide all the necessary forms and documents required by the Medical School to make its decision and matriculate into the Medical School in the year stipulated at the time of the conditional acceptance into the program.