Max Molishever, 2015

History major, Media and Communication Studies minor

Quick Facts

Brooklyn Paper
Intern Reporter
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2012, unpaid



Max Molishever, a sophomore History major, interned this past summer at the Brooklyn Paper as an Intern reporter.  During his internship he wrote two art stories a week, usually on an event that would attract people to it.  The article would explain what the event was, why it was interesting, and why people should go to it. “I learned a lot about writing in the inverted pyramid format,” which is standard practice in journalism writing. After Molishever gained more experience using this writing style, his stories expanded from not only art stories but also to writing occasional news stories that ranged from talking about upset residents to writing about trash complaints. He also built a database of contact information of vendors in specialty magazines that are run by the Community Newspaper Group, the parent company of the Brooklyn Paper.

Skills Utilized

Through the internship, Molishever developed his writing and interviewing skills as it applies to the field of journalism. He also felt that he learned a lot about cold calling people both over the phone and in person.


Journalism is great “because you get to meet a lot of different people,” said Molishever. “If you work in journalism for a while, it’s a great way to build networks.” In terms of networking within the company, they were pleased with his work and said they’d hire him again as well as consider hiring other Ursinus students.

Future Implications

“I definitely know that I don’t want to go into journalism,” and that’s a really good thing to know he acknowledged. “But, I also know what to expect when I work in future offices. There’s a difference between watching people work and actually having a desk, a cubicle, and working with people within that environment.” Molishever is uncertain about what specific field he wants to pursue future internships in, however, he knows he wants to do something new and explore a field that he has never considered before.


“Don’t ever be afraid to ask for the opportunity to interview. My internship was originally with a different paper called the Brooklyn Eagle but that fell through. So, I was just looking up newspapers in the city and I found the Brooklyn Paper and I just called and said, ‘Hey, I had this other internship lined up but it fell through. Are you looking for anyone?’ and they said sure.”