Joseph Palladino, 2014

Environmental Studies Major,
Biology minor

Quick Facts

Mercer County Prosecutor's Office
Trenton, NJ
Summer 2012, unpaid



This past summer, Joseph Palladino interned at the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. He reported to the Chief of Homicide, helping him prepare for the current homicide trial. Most of his effort involved working on this high profile, gang related, multi-year trial. “Mostly, my responsibilities involved transcribing calls made from jail, highlighting important information and then discussing it with [the chief of homicide].” Palladino also helped out in the Victim’s Advocacy Unit, helped reorganize old police reports, and generally helped out around the office with filing and the standard internship duties. “I did get to spend a lot of time in court, once or twice a week, and just listen to the cases, which was pretty cool."

Skills Utilized

Palladino says that he gained skills in transcription work and general communication as it occurs in an office setting.


Because the internship was not in a corporate setting, Palladino came into contact with people in a variety of fields like criminal justice and civil service. The internship helped him come into contact with a diverse range of people and careers and he believes that this could definitely help him in the future.

Future Implications

Since the internship, Palladino’s interest has shifted away from pursuing law. This shift was influenced by his discussions with prosecutors and lawyers in the office. “People used to go to work for the state to gain experience, but now jobs are so difficult to come by people are staying at the state level their entire career,” Palladino said quoting a lawyer he spoke to. The internship did spark an interest in criminal justice, which Palladino plans to possibly pursue as a path through graduate school. He also has an interest in energy efficiency and currently has an internship lined up with LED Lighting.


“Apply early. Depending on where you’re applying it can be a pretty extensive process, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.”