Executive Committee

2013-2014 Committee Members 

1st row:  Maureen Damiano, Abbie Cichowski, Margie Connor, Carolyn Weigel, Gwen Marshall 2nd row:  Cathy Bogusky, Charlene Wysocki, Carol McMillan, Linda Mrak, Rachele Rott, Valerie Nelson, Ann Breen, Lynn Brault, Ellen Curcio Not Pictured:  Sharon Pearson, Joe Trump, Missy Bryant, Yvon Kennon, Carol Royce Elizabeth Cannon, Logan Duffie and Erin Hovey (the photographer)

Executive Board and Committee Chairs

The Executive Board serves as a liaison between the Staff Assembly and the college administration.  The Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus four at-large members, who also shall serve as chairs of the standing committees.  The officers and at-large members are elected by the Staff Assembly membership to terms of two years and may serve only two consecutive terms.  The Executive Board shall meet as required to coordinate the work of the Staff Assembly and its committees and issues of interest or concern to the college staff.  The Executive Board shall be responsible for the periodic assessment of its effectiveness and that of the Staff Assembly. 


Standing Committees

President - Missy Bryant

Communications - Margie Connor

Vice-President  - Carol McMillin

Community Relations - Val Nelson

Yvon Kennon

Secretary - Yvon Kennon

Professional Development - Carolyn Weigel

Treasurer - Rachele Rott

Staff Affairs - Ellen Curcio