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Dominick Knowles 115x125
Nick DiMuzio, Intern 
LIFT Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Henry Willshire, Intern
NY University Press
Manhattan, NY
Joshua Hopkins-DeSantis
iD Tech Camp
Bristol, RI
Randi Hladik
Toni Cameron Photography
Pottstown, PA

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Success Tips for Interns

  • Clarify expectations about the internship: both the employers and yours. It is a good idea to agree upon your job responsibilities in writing.

  • Take advantage of the transition time at the beginning of your internship and ask lots of questions. You are not expected to know what is going on right away, but the faster you learn the ins and outs of daily life on the job, the better off you'll be.

  • Meet regularly with your supervisor to ensure that both of your expectations are being met. This is a good way for you to get feedback on your performance and helps to keep you on track with current and future assignments.

  • impressions are very important, as is maintaining good ones. It is important for you to dress, speak, write, and generally behave like a professional. Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, and be friendly and confident.

  • Be observant and ask questions about appropriate behavior at the work place. Different organizations have different expectations regarding employee behavior and it is important that you learn about and conform to the corporate culture. This can include issues such as appropriate clothing, demeanor with customers, personal phone calls, and where to park your car.

  • Focus on your communication skills, both written and verbal. Proofread your written work carefully. When communicating with your coworkers choose respectful, tactful, and professional language at all times.

  • Show up to work on time, when you are expected. Call if you are going to be sick or late. Don't be sick or late often. Choose your sick days with care; it will be noticed if you are not at work on important days.

  • Establish good relationships with your coworkers. Be friendly, polite, helpful, and sensitive. It's good to talk with your coworkers and get to know them but beware of gossiping and complaining. Be careful about bringing personal business to work, and be sure that what you do discuss is fit for public consumption.

  • Be easy to work with. Accept assignments without complaint, ask for more work when assignments are completed, and turn out good quality work. Listen carefully to instructions and ask for clarification. Learn to work as a team; be respectful of input from other team members and practice the art of compromising.

  • When you leave, be sure to ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation and keep in touch so that you can call upon him/her later when you are in need of a reference. This will also help your supervisor keep you in mind when future opportunities arise.

Testimonials from former interns

My main goal for the internship was to learn practical skills in the laboratory in preparation for graduate school. I not only learned these   skills, but in addition I learned a lot about Research by reading related articles provided to me in the lab. I came away having a realistic expectation about what a career in research would be like, and this experience has encouraged me to pursue a research career.
Rebecca, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

This experience wholly immersed me in a hospital setting and allowed me to observe every aspect of the life of a physician, which is truly   an invaluable experience. Especially in a teaching hospital, I was afforded so many opportunities to learn about the career that I have, because of this internship, decided is absolutely the right one for me.
Madeline, Biology 

I really enjoyed this internship because it reinforced concepts I learned in previous biology courses through hands-on interactions.
Emily, Biology 

This internship has been a great experience.  I have gained knowledge and experience in the field of Finance that will be very beneficial for my future.  My expectations of what I was going to  learn were surpassed and I am beyond happy with the results (knowledge, experience, and networking) gained through this internship opportunity.
Jordan, Business & Economics 

This was a great internship. I gained valuable experience working in industry as both a team and individual, while also putting my foot in the door for a future position at a premier company in the United   States.  I was given a role on a very important company project that has opened my eyes to a slightly different career path than I had previously planned.  I was also given the opportunity to meet many great people and to network with very influential people including the CEO and several of the VPs. 
Wilmer, Chemistry 

I'll be honest when I say that I never intended to accept an internship in Marketing. Ever. I applied because the position's description matched up so nicely with my skill sets and past experiences. But I figured that I would be better suited doing something more ... "English-y."  Every assignment and task was a challenge. I did everything from writing a 30-page proposal for contract bids to designing brochures, from acting as the Project Manager for the WordPress conversion of our corporate website to   writing press releases. There was nothing more satisfying than facing each of those challenges and ultimately exceeding the expectations of my supervisor and myself or seeing that my work was actually affecting the company.  Not only did I use a pre-existing skill set   to gain experience in an area about which I knew next-to-nothing -- but I have been offered (and did accept!) a full-time employment position to begin post-graduation this Spring.  My internship has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.
Jennifer, English 

I wasn't expecting to learn so much but walking away from it I have gained so much knowledge and skills I didn't even know I would acquire. This internship also opened my eyes to a variety of future jobs. I had a great experience!
Kimberly, Environmental Studies

After completing my internship, I realized how influential it was on my life. Prior to the internship, I was not sure whether I definitely wanted to be a physical therapist, but I think that this internship helped me realize that my passion lies in physical therapy.
Erica, Exercise ad Sport Science 

This internship gave me a look into alternate career paths that I can explore. As a history major I want to become a professor myself but I   know how difficult that is but this internship showed me that you can have a fulfilling career in the public sphere and still do research. I now know that being an attorney and being a professor are not the only choices for someone with a history degree.
Justin, History

This internship gave me a lot of experience that I know will be useful in my career goal as a producer. It gave me many contacts that I know will be helpful in gaining future jobs. Personally, it made me more outgoing and gave me more confidence in my work.
Jordan, Media & Communication Studies 

This was extremely valuable since I want to go into emergency medicine. Being able to work as an EMT has put me on the front lines and taught me many things. As an EMT, you see a lot of things whether it be tragedies or miracles, poor living conditions or the upper class. Being exposed to all these different circumstances and people have given me a unique perspective on my role as an emergency care provider as well as taught me a lot about our society.
David, Neuroscience 

The internship I pursued with the City of Philadelphia was the perfect choice this summer. The program allowed me to expand my horizons with my future career choice, and it even gave me the opportunity for future job   openings. I also now feel more confident working in a large city and being able to connect to those who run one of the largest cities in the nation. I feel more prepared to go into Politics and am more likely to move to the city to work in government after I graduate. 
Emily, Politics  

This internship really gave me a better feel of working with people who suffer from severe mental illnesses, and while it was challenging, it gave me an understanding of how difficult it would be to work with clients. For some people, this experience would probably give them reservations of whether they want to pursue a career in this field, but for me, it is fascinating, and I hope to work in a similar institution after I graduate.
Aliya, Psychology



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