Expanded Wellness Counseling Services

Week of March 11, 2013

Students that may wish to access the Ursinus College Counseling Center for grief and bereavement needs are asked to review our expanded list of hours and services for this week. Students can come in during scheduled drop-in hours for either 45 minute individual or group sessions as listed within the schedule. Students are asked to arrive ten minutes prior to service to register for this session time and will be served on a first come, first serve basis. In times of high demand, students will be offered the next available session time as well as additional service options with on-campus support as well as off-campus local providers as well.

Group Information:

There are a variety of groups available for this week.  There are 3 general grief and loss support groups that are open to all interested students.  Also, there are specialized groups being facilitated by Phyllis Osisek, Director of Counseling.  These groups vary in terms of students’ relationships with Rachel.  It is helpful for people who are struggling with similar feelings to be grouped together.  Additional groups may be added as needed and will be posted on the wellness webpage.   

Should you have any questions regarding these services, please feel free to call the Ursinus College Wellness Center Monday through Friday, 9-5, at 610-409-3100. 

Rev. RicE and Rabbi Danielle Stillman Hours

Reverend Rice is available to speak with students at his office
Mon. 12-3 pm, Tues. 11:30-3pm, Wed 10-3pm. 

Rabbi Stillman’s hours:
Tues. 11-12pm and Wed. 11-12
She will see students at the Hillel house 33 6th Ave. Please email before going  to  dstillman@ursinus.edu