Jacquelyn Heikel, 2013

Media and Communications major, International Business minor

Quick Facts

Press of Atlantic City
Pleasantville, NJ
Summer 2012, unpaid



This past summer, senior Jacquelyn Heikel interned with the marketing department at the Press of Atlantic City. Day-to-day she sent out mass emails to blog subscribers and developed ads and marketing platforms for the paper and its events, but her responsibilities and projects often varied. She was assigned to run a social media campaign to get people to like their Facebook page “Subscriber Services.” “That was interesting because it’s really hard to use Facebook just to get people to like the page because it seems like you have to post so many different things all the time.” Her goal was to generate 1000 likes by the end of the internship. She also wrote press releases, wrote two blog posts for their advertising blog “Ads with Legs”, wrote for their blog “Bliss Bridal Show,” and participated in company meetings.

Skills Utilized

Heikel found that the writing skills she gained at Ursinus were greatly appreciated by her company. The Director of Marketing commended her on her writing ability and singled her out as one of the better writers she has had work under her. Heikel felt that she also had picked up design and layout abilities within the Media and Communications department that were useful in her tasks designing social media pages and advertisements.


Heikel was one of two interns who were well integrated into the company. “We felt like we were employees. We always felt that we were a part of the group, meetings, communicating, sharing our ideas. They actually took our ideas to heart.” Heikel has since kept in contact with the Director of Marketing, her manager, and the events and promotions manager. She hopes to do more writing for the “Bliss Bridal Blog” in the future.

Future Implications

“When I first started, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was into broadcasting, advertising, PR… but when I got to the job I felt like the PR stuff was really awesome and I really felt a love and a passion for that,” said Heikel. Now she is applying for her masters in PR and has already been accepted into Georgetown, NYU, and University of Miami.


“Don’t just take an internship because it’s paid or close to home. Look for an internship that is going to give you an opportunity to see if it’s something you really want to do.”