Justin Bogle, 2015

History Major

Quick Facts

Dutchess County Clerk's Office
Poughkeepsie, NY
Summer 2013, unpaid



Justin Bogle is a junior History major who interned for the Duchess County Historian this past summer. This occupation is a fairly new position in the county, and this internship was initiated by Justin through email and phone correspondence. Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, this ten hour a week internship gave Justin the opportunity to work with historical documents from as early as the 1800s. One of Justin’s projects included making copies of election returns from the 1800s and deciphering old newspapers in order to create biography summaries of various politicians. Bogle really enjoyed these projects because “[he] was able to do actual work with the documents and decipher them. A lot of the primary documents are written in lawyer language and long script, so analyzing them was a challenge.” He also learned a lot about the workings of his county’s government and how to advocate for it in relation to larger governments and their demands.

Skills Utilized

During this internship, Justin developed and expanded upon his critical reading and analysis skills, which will help him greatly as a history major. His writing is also more concise due to the many short summaries that he wrote throughout the summer.


Throughout his internship, Justin was able to meet many unique individuals in his county, whom he would not have met otherwise. He looks forward to any return visits to the historian’s office, as well as seeing the new position of the county historian grow within his community.

Future Implications

“I know that I don’t want to be a Historian,” stated Bogle. “But I learned a lot about working with other people, and I was able to see and work with documents that I would have normally not had the opportunity to work with.” Being an intern for the Duchess County Historian also allowed Justin to make connections he can use in the future.


Justin believes the connections he made at his internship are extremely important. He advises others to “get contacts and make connections as quickly as you can and be patient as your internship progresses.”