Student billing - Tuition


Payments are accepted by mail or walk-ins at the Student Billing or Business Office on the 2nd Floor of Corson Hall. Ursinus College accepts cash, checks, and money orders in person. Credit cards payments are only accepted through Tuition Management Systems at (each transaction will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee by TMS) .

Make all checks/money orders payable to Ursinus College.

Please send payment to:
            Ursinus College
            PO Box 824015
            Philadelphia, PA  19182-40154

Monthly Tuition Payment Plan

  •  Payment plans are the sensible approach to paying education expenses. They allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying your balance in one large lump sum.
  • Interest-free option
  • Details and easy sign-up at or by calling 800-722-4867

Tuition and Fee Refunds   

Refund Policy 

Beginning 2014-2015 

100% Refund of Tuition, Room, Board, Fees 

Prior to start of classes 

Fall 2014               8/24/14 

Spring 2015          1/19/15  


75% Refund of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room refund) 

                     1st day of classes through end of add/drop period 

                                   Fall 2014               8/25-9/5/14 

                                   Spring 2015         1/19-1/30/15 


50% Refund of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room refund) 

                      Week 3 and 4 

                                   Fall 2014               9/6-9/20/14 

                                   Spring 2015         1/31-2/13/15 


25% Refund of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room refund) 

                      Week 5 and 6 

                                   Fall 2014               9/21-10/4/14

                                   Spring 2015         2/14-2/28/15


0% Refund of Tuition, Room, Board, Fees 

                       After week 6 

                                   Fall 2014               10/5/14 

                                   Spring 2015         3/1/15  

Late Fee Policy  

Beginning 2014-2015  

Late Payment Fee:  A late payment fee, as determined by the schedule below, will be applied to any account with a balance due at the end of the fourth week of each semester.  The amount charged will be based on the outstanding balance at that time.


BALANCE                                                                                             LATE FEE  

$301-$749                                                                                            $30 

$750-$999                                                                                            $75 

$1000-$1499                                                                                       $100                                        

$1500-$1999                                                                                       $150 

$2000-$2499                                                                                       $200 

$2500-$2999                                                                                       $250 

$3000 and over                                                                                   $300


Corson Hall

Student Billing Office Hours
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 610-409-3579

2013-14 New Student Orientation presentation>


Fall 2014 Invoices with Estimated Financial Aid

Mailed  7/10/14
Due  8/8/14 

Spring 2015 with Estimated Financial Aid

Mailed 12/11/14
Due 1/9/15