Open Forum Questions & Answers

March 5, 2013 

Q.  Will the Staff Assembly include contracted workers?
A.  No, only non-faculty employees of the College are included, except the College’s Vice Presidents, who also are excluded from membership in the Staff Assembly

Q.  How will the Staff Assembly connect to the Faculty and to the Ursinus Student Government Association?
A.  It is expected and hoped that each group will invite representatives from the other groups to attend meetings and that each group will appoint persons to attend those meetings.

Q.  What have Staff Assemblies at other Colleges accomplished?

  • They recognize staff milestones and celebrate the accomplishments of staff members.
  • They organize social events for staff and provide opportunities for community service on campus and in the surrounding communities.
  • They improve communications between the various offices and departments of the college.
  • They create new activities and initiatives that engage staff members in the life of the college. 

Q.   Does the Staff Assembly have impact and/or authority in campus governance?
A.   The President (who initiated the implementation of the Staff Assembly) has assured that he will listen and be open to concerns and suggestions expressed by the Staff Assembly. 

Q.   Who will determine the topics and challenges that the Staff Assembly will address?
A.   The work of the Staff Assembly will be guided by an Executive Board, comprised of staff members elected by the college staff.  All College staff members will have access to Executive Board members via email and/or, by talking with them. 

Q.    Will the terms of the Executive Board members be staggered? 
A.    Staggered terms are not provided for in the Bylaws recommended by the Implementation Committee, but amending the Bylaws is a simple process so that if the membership wishes to implement staggered terms in the future, this could be done quite easily.