Tuition and Aid

A Helping Hand

No one knows better than we do that college costs have gotten out of hand. In fact, Ursinus College,a non-profit institution, spends more on its students every year than it takes in from from all its student billings. Who pays the rest?

Your education is partially underwritten by generous Ursinus alumni and friends, foundations and corporations. They also support the $35 million in grant and aid we give out every year. For 2013, education and room and board are set at $55,450. Thousands of supporters are stepping up each year to help you afford it. In these times, we can all use a helping hand.

We are committed to working with students and their families to make an Ursinus education affordable and obtainable. The Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid administers a comprehensive program of aid from Ursinus which is funded through federal, state, and private sources.

Tuition and Fees

Basic student charges at Ursinus College include tuition and room and board for resident students. A laptop computer is included in the basic charges.

For 2014-2015, the following rates apply for full-time students:

Tuition $45,890
Room and Board $11,500
Technology Fee $190

Approximately 95 percent of all students receive some form of assistance. Over $35 million in scholarships and grants were awarded from Ursinus College resources for the 2013-14 academic year, both merit and need-based.

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Financing Your Ursinus Education

The Ursinus College Creative Writing Award

A unique opportunity offered by Ursinus is a $30,000 per year major scholarship for creative writers of outstanding originality and potential. The award winner will have the honor of living in the dorm room once occupied by J.D. Salinger, who attended Ursinus. Learn more about this opportunity.