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Wismer on Wheels

Wismer on Wheels is an on-campus community service organization that works to combat local community hunger and poverty. Its mission is to save the leftover food from the Wismer cafeteria that would otherwise be thrown away and donate it to people in need within the community.  Leftover food is packaged Monday through Friday after lunch and dinner and delivered twice each week to a local soup kitchen. Whether you can package food after a couple meals each week or want to help with deliveries, there are many ways to be active in the organization. Any and all time dedicated to Wismer on Wheels makes a big impact on the community. Last year, 5,000 pounds of food was donated to community members who do not regularly enjoy hot meals. Packaging a meal takes less than a half hour, but can make a huge difference to a community member in need.

Contact Adelaide Hurlbert at , if you are interested in helping out.