Do I need a permit to park on campus?
Yes, all full and part-time students are required to register their vehicle and obtain a Parking Permit to park anywhere on campus.  Parking permit applications are available on line through the Campus Safety Web Site or byclicking here.

When will I receive my permit?
Permit applications will be processed within 48 hours and may be picked up in Campus Safety or during Upperclass Student Check-in in August.

I am a First Year Student.  May I park my car on campus?
No.  First year students are not permitted to have cars on campus.  A small number of permits are available to first-year students based on financial hardship or medical reasons.  A  First Year Student Parking Application may be submitted to Campus Safety for review. 

What is the difference between yellow and white lined spaces?
White lined spaces are student parking.  Yellow lines designate faculty/staff and are reserved Monday-Friday (8am-5pm).

I just got a parking ticket.  How do I pay it?
Ticket payments are accepted in the Business Office (Corson Hall, 2nd Floor).  Always keep your receipt to show proof of payment.  Unpaid tickets will be charged to your student account. 

How do I appeal my parking ticket?
Complete an online Parking Appeal Form.

How long do I have to appeal a parking ticket?
10 days.  After that time, your right to appeal is forfeited.

I can't find a parking space near my house or hall?  Where do I park?
Your parking permit guarantees you a parking spot on campus, not in a specific location.  If you cannot find a spot near your house, please proceed to another lot on campus.  There is always ample parking in the West Parking Lot (off 9th Avenue).  Vehicles parked on the grass or not in a valid space may be towed without warning.

I have friends coming to visit.  Where do they park?
All visitors must park in the West Parking Lot.  Register your guest with Campus Safety, and we will provide a Temporary Parking Permit.


First Year Student Parking Permit

Upperclassmen, Commuter, First Year Commuting Student Parking Permit

Parking Appeal