Student Research Funding (WGUR)

Working Group for Undergraduate Research

Applying for funding for research and creative projects

Funding is available for students working on research and creative projects with a faculty mentor during the academic year. Please complete the following form to apply for funding for your project.  Funding is competitive and the maximum amount that can be awarded for a project is $400 for the academic year. All orders and reimbursement forms for fall semester research and creative projects must be submitted by the end of November. For the spring semester, they must be submitted by the end of April.

Please be thorough as you complete each page. You will not be able to return to previous parts of the application.

What you can ask for:

You can request funding for items directly related to undertaking the research or creative project. Supplies or costs for travel to field sites, libraries, and archives can be requested. Routine items such as paper, printer ink, photocopies, or other items normally associated with academic work cannot be requested.

What you will need to do if you are funded:

A visible product from your completed project such as a paper, abstract for a conference presentation, image of a piece of artwork, or program from a concert or performance is required. Your faculty adviser will submit it to the Dean’s office. You will present your findings or creative project at the Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) and you may also be asked to present at an event such as Family Day.

Be prepared to include the following in your application:

1.    Your general information

2.    Project Title

3.    Project Description (maximum of 1500 characters). This description should be detailed, but understandable to someone who is not familiar with your project. The description must be written by the student, not by a faculty member.
4.    Itemized budget
5.    Your preparation for working on this project. This may include coursework and previous research on or off campus (maximum of 1000 characters)
6.    Timetable for completion of your research project
7.    The format of your final visible product


Use this link to apply for funding