Student Research Funding (WGUR)

Working Group for Undergraduate Research

Student Research Funding (WGUR) Form

GUIDELINES for completing this form:

  • Faculty approval -- Your mentor, named on the previous page, must forward an email to in the Dean’s Office indicating that he or she has read this proposal and approves the project and the budget amount requested. If this research project is being conducted by more than one student,your mentor should comment on your relative contribution to the project.
  • The student, not the mentor, must complete the entire form including the abstract / project description. Please do not cut and paste a description from your mentor's research project. The description should be in your own words and understandable to someone not a specialist in your field.
  • There must be a visible product – e.g., paper, documentation, visual piece—submitted at the conclusion of the project. This will usually be submitted to your mentor at the end of fall or spring term.
  • If you receive project funding, you MAY be expected if asked, to present your findings or visible product at a college event such as a Symposium, Celebration of Student Achievement Day, Family Day, etc.
  • Requests for funds must be for items directly related to undertaking the research project. These funds are not for routine items such as paper, printer ink, photocopies, etc. normally associated with academic work. Travel to field sites, libraries, etc. can be part of this application. Requests for travel to conferences should be submitted on the Student Travel Application.