Christopher Howard 2012 and Jennilyn Weber 2013 in the lab with their Summer Fellow mentor, Dr. Carlita Favero.Connecting Science and Society

“Science education of today is not the science education of the past,” explains Terry Winegar, Dean of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Curriculum and collaboration intersect and cross disciplines. Molecular Biology has become a popular new major. Neuroscience is entering its 10th year, and it too has increased enrollment.  Science Entrepreneurship is a focal point that has yet to be fully realized.  Finally, a robust culture of undergraduate research has fostered leadership in scientific research for two decades.

In its second year, The Center for Science and the Common Good, through lecture, leadership development and civic engagement, prepares scientific leaders of the 21st century. These leaders, however, must do more than engage in research. They must also consider the impact of their research on society, and understand the ethical and political context in which science operates in order to judge how scientific endeavors can advance the common good.”  With a gift from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 2011, Ursinus established The Center for Science and the Common Good to provide diverse opportunities for science majors to reflect upon the impact of science on society.