Students Turn to
Pre-Medical and
Pre-Health Societies

When contemplating medical school or other allied health professions, students rely on the resources of The Brownback-Anders Pre-Health Society, (BAPS), and the local chapter of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students, (MAPS).

BAPS is a student-run organization carrying on the tradition of The Brownback-Anders Pre-Medical Society. Students meet monthly with alumni speakers, admission directors, physicians and health care professionals from an array of specialties. Presentations and lectures that inspire and inform helps students determine a career path.

MAPS welcomed a local chapter to campus seven years ago. It has an active student board, and is associated with the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students. Membership is open to all students of the Ursinus community. Like its counterpart, MAPS provides a pipeline of resources such as speakers, trips, and student mentoring opportunities that supports students in their pursuit of a medical education.