Minutes: October 2, 2013

Missy Bryant welcomed all to the first Staff Assembly and introduced the executive committee members, Missy Bryant, President; Carol McMillin Vice-President; Rachele Rott, Treasurer; Yvon Kennon, Secretary. 

She then introduced Bobby Fong, President of the College, who continued introductions by presenting John Ivec, who will replace Win Guilmette as the new VP of Finance and Administration. Bobby stressed the importance of the Staff Assembly, as it gives Ursinus staff a voice in the governance of the college. He expressed his hope that Staff Assembly will focus on creating a sense of community, both within and beyond campus, as well as be an avenue to strengthen ties between departments. 

Carol McMillin presented the Mission Statement and Goals of the Staff Assembly as well as the other members of the staff committee and their responsibilities:

Margie Connor  - Communications; responsible for the staff newsletter ‘Grizzly Details’, postings on UC-link.

Ellen Curcio – Staff Affairs; responsible for various communications as well as the suggestion box ‘Bear in Mind’. Staff can contribute their suggestions, comments, ideas to ‘Bear in Mind’ either by email to bearinmind@ursinus.edu, through interoffice mail or drop them in the ‘Bear in Mind’ box which will be positioned in the Faculty/Staff dining room.

Val Nelson – Community Relations (also known as the ‘fun committee’); responsible for enhancing relations between various campus constituents as well as relations between the college and the larger community.

 A tree planting event in Hunsberger Woods as well as a ‘walk for charity’ is planned; ‘office pairings’ for new staff members to make their transition easier is in the works.

Carolyn Weigel – Professional Development;  responsible for contributing ideas, suggestions,                                         speakers to enhance staff  professional development. 

Carol McMillin encouraged staff to volunteer on campus wide committees; 3 staff members are needed for the Diversity Committee; 2 for the Campus Technology committee (CTAC). 

Missy presented the various ways info from Staff Assembly will be communicated:

  • Through UC-link
  • Staff Assembly meeting agenda will be sent by mass email
  • Quarterly newsletter will be on the webpage and will be sent through mass email
  • Webpage will reflect news/events and the minutes of the Staff Assembly Meeting.

Missy then opened the meeting up to the assembled staff and asked for topics for future meetings. A number of suggestions were offered and will be discussed when the agenda is set for the next Staff Assembly meeting, scheduled for December 18th, 10am in the Lenfest Theater: 

Lynn Brault: recent change in vacation benefits for support staff was the result of a few staff members getting together and requesting a meeting with Bobby Fong. Improvements are made by people getting together.

Rich Kohn: sending an email to ‘bearinmind’ is not anonymous, however there will be a form on the Staff Assembly website on which suggestions can be made anonymously.

Missy Bryant: Staff Assembly has a direct line with Administration through her monthly scheduled meeting with Bobby Fong.

Monica Giancarlo: suggested a possible change from paper timesheets to another means of reflecting hours worked.

Abbie Cichowski: Advancement office presents an avenue for staff development discussions.

James Tiggett: Improvement in communication is needed, so there is better awareness of who does what.

Bobby Fong: Offered clarification of the by-laws, in that the president/vice president will attend Staff Assembly meetings by invitation only; suggested the possibility of speakers for future Staff Assembly meetings.

Greg Weight: Encouraged staff to be more involved/attend student work, i.e. presentation, plays, etc. Supervisors would be encouraged to let staff attend.

Pamela Panarella: Reminded staff of the 10/18 Grizzly Gala which is complementary.

Laura Moliken: Suggested to start a group of parents of Ursinus students to meet maybe twice a year. Their experiences as parents can be valuable information for admissions.

Terri Lobo: In order to get to know one another better, suggested to have a once a semester campus wide charity event. 

The meeting was adjourned after various donated items were raffled. 

Respectfully submitted,
Yvon Kennon