Staff Assembly, December 18, 2013

Lenfest Theater, Kaleidoscope

Missy Bryant (President) opened the meeting at 10am and gave a report on the overall activities held on campus during the fall semester. Some numbers: 425 new students, 1160 upper class students, 107 athletic activities, visited 500 high schools and 150 activities fairs.

Missy went on to say that John Ivec (Director of Finance) started in October and she reflected on the new health benefits.

CPPC granted $4,000 funding for various staff activities.

President Fong sent well wishes for the season and the new year and expressed his recognition for the work done by the staff.

Rachel Rott (Treasurer) then gave the treasurer’s report. From the $4,000 moneys so far were spent on refreshments, raffles, the suggestion box and printing.

Margie Connor (Communications) recognized staff members who have been employees for 25+ years, noting Betty Davidson who started in 1971! She then introduced new employees hired since August 2013. Special mention was made of Dominique de St. Etienne who received her Bachelor of Science degree this fall. Congratulations!

Ellen Curcio (Staff affairs) gave an overview of suggestions made in the suggestion box:

  • Donating unused vacation/sick time
  • Management training
  • Record retention (Registrar holds files for 7 years). Business office is looking into a college-wide policy
  • Creating a buddy-program together with HR for new staff. She asked for volunteers; if interested let her know by 1/10/2014.

Val Nelson (Community Relations) reported on activities done:

  • Treeplanting in conjunction with UCare (October)
  • Craft fair (November)
  • Gift wrapping for the giving tree (December)

And upcoming events:

  • Coffee breaks at ‘guest’ offices
  • Spring team walking competition
  • Picnic on Patterson at the end of the semester
  • CIE for staff.  Val then introduced Diane Skorena who explained what this is and how it will be offered to staff in spring. One of the books used in CIE II will be chosen and Diane will lead CIE for staff. Book choices are:
    • The New Jim Crow
    • Thinking Fast & Slow
    • The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Carol McMillin gave the report from Professional Development. Carol Weigel was absent due to serious injury after a slip on ice.

  • StrenghtQuest scheduled for 1/7/2014. An additional one is scheduled for June 2014.
  • Communicating with colleagues, a workshop led by Carol Cirka is scheduled for 1/15/2014.
  • Defining what is professional development will be further explored.

Two campus committees have volunteer staff members:

Diversity: Rosemary Pall, James Tiggett and Greg Weight. The two meetings they attended focused on student and staff retention.

CTAC: Monica Giancarlo. She explained what this committee does. Advise the CEO on campus technology; involvement in classroom improvements (technology); new laptop program for incoming students. Internet connection will be upgraded over winterbreak and in January a new faculty member will be elected to serve on this committee.

Debbie Nolan (Dean of Students) was the invited speaker. She gave an overview of student affairs

  • Mission of Student Affairs
  • Introduced senior staff on Student Affairs
  • New initiatives:
    • As a pilot program policies were loosened for Reimert with good results.
    • It involved changes to student government
    • Civic engagement required of every student organization

Q & A:

Shannon Spencer inquired about the online suggestion box

Kelley Williams mentioned that the new insurance card will arrive by mail first week of January. If you need a card before that, please visit their website.

Carol Williams mentioned that the house of two alums (Sadonio twins) was destroyed during a fire last week. Help is needed.

Paulette Patton put in a plug for the Montgomery County Victims Center fundraiser at LA Fitness on January 5th.

The ‘Von Nolan’-family then led the staff assembly in some rousing holiday carols interspersed with distribution of raffle items. The meeting concluded with the handing out of candy canes.

Next meeting scheduled for March 5th, from 10-11am in the Lenfest, with refreshments at 9:30am the Kaleidoscope lobby area.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvon Kennon