Greek Life

The Ursinus College Greek community consists of five sororities (six local and one national) and seven fraternities (five local and two national). Greek organizations enhance the "out-of-the-classroom" experience while at the same time supporting each student’s individual academic goals. The objectives of Greek organizations include educational advancement, community service, personal development, and the enhancement of social relations to name a few.


Kappa Delta Kappa
Phi Alpha Psi
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Tau Sigma Gamma
Upsilon Phi Delta


Alpha Phi Epsilon
Beta Sigma Lambda
Delta Pi Sigma
Phi Kappa Sigma
Pi Omega Delta
Sigma Pi
Sigma Rho Lambda

Inter-Greek Council (IGC)

The Inter-Greek Council serves as the elected governing body of all social Greek organizations. The purpose of the Inter-Greek Council is to enhance the Ursinus College Greek experience by providing opportunities for education, advancement, and development pertaining to Greek issues.