Chemistry is called the “Central Science”, as chemists are involved in research, production and analysis in diverse areas such as food, medicine, forensics, and energy.  However, understanding basic chemical principles is important not only to the chemist but also to the well-informed citizen of the earth, if he or she is to be able to evaluate wisely serious issues that we face every day and to participate in the rendering of decisions and formulation of policies that shape our communities and our world and affect our lives.

Our Department--certified by the American Chemical Society for the quality of its program--offers major tracks for those students whose interests are in advanced degrees in chemistry, the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, medical school and the allied health professions, or science teaching.  Chemistry majors take courses in all the major sub-disciplines of chemistry.  In addition, all chemistry majors have the opportunity to operate research-grade instruments in both teaching and research laboratories.  Chemistry students work closely with faculty on research projects in areas such as organic or inorganic synthesis, physical chemistry, chemical separations, bio-inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, nanoparticles, chromatography, and spectroscopy.  Those majors with interests in areas outside chemistry have the opportunity to complete double-majors or minors.  In addition, exciting opportunities are available to our students through study abroad programs sponsored by the College.  Graduates of the Ursinus College Chemistry Department excel in nationally ranked graduate and professional programs across the country and work in a variety of rewarding careers in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry or in education.


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Chain Reaction

In this edition, read about the chemistry faculty, alumni spotlight, student research and honors, Summer Fellows work, photos of the newly renovated BCMB commons and biochemistry research laboratory, a new Chemistry challenge, and other chemistry and biochemistry news at Ursinus College.

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"Succeeding in challenging chemistry courses could not have been done without the support and open-door policy of the faculty, who go out of their way to assist every student. My time spent in Pfahler classrooms and laboratories has set path towards my future endeavors like pursuing a career in medicine." --

Andrey Bilko, Chemistry '09