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Business and Economics 


Upon graduation from Ursinus College as a Business and Economics major, students will be able to transfer their learning so that they can independently and effectively work in a complex and dynamic global environment where resources are scarce, problems are often unfamiliar and morally complex, information is limited and outcomes are uncertain. Students will be able to:

  • Engage in thoughtful, logical and thorough decision making processes that demonstrate their capability to define and research challenging questions, identify relevant data, synthesize multiple and sometimes conflicting points of view, evaluate alternative courses of action and reach thoughtful and well-grounded conclusions and recommendations.
  • Explain decisions and actions using oral, written and visual means appropriate to purpose and audience and that is tolerant of differing views.
  • Work effectively (as an individual and a member of a team) in a global and diverse environment in which organizational settings vary by type and size.
  • Exhibit fluency in the language of business and economics and demonstrate understanding of the similarities and differences among analytical frameworks developed in each discipline.
  • Articulate a personal set of fundamental ethical principles, demonstrate the ability to think through morally complex problems in a way that considers the impact of their decisions and actions on others, and act in an ethical manner in all situations they encounter in their personal and professional lives.

We believe that :

  • Inquiry and decision-making skills are fundamental to this preparation.

Inquiry is at the heart of a liberal education and our curriculum is designed so that all students will learn to ask questions and have an opportunity to research them.

  • Our students must understand the complexity of decision-making in a dynamic environment.

Decisions made by individuals are not made in isolation, but in a world where they have broader implications.

  • Understanding economics is essential to business decisions, while business applications shed light on economic principles.

The Benefits:

Our small student-faculty ratio allows students to work closely with a dedicated and talented group of faculty. Our faculty are not only teachers, but also, mentors and researchers.

Students who desire to dig deeper into business or economic issues can work with faculty through research, internships, and/or study aboard.

After graduation many of our alumni pursue professional degrees or find employment in a variety of industries, professions and governmental agencies.

Majors & Minors

Major in
Applied Economics
  • Economics
  • Finance & Accounting 
Minor in:
Finance & Accounting 
Management Studies