East Asian Studies

Acquaintance with cultures other than our own is an integral part of both a liberal education and preparation for a career in a variety of fields, including business, law, government, or teaching. The major and minor in East Asian Studies are interdisciplinary programs drawing on offerings in several departments, but emphasizing history, culture, politics, literature and language. The programs are designed to provide an introduction to the cultures of China and Japan.


Special interest: Chinese language, East Asian Studies, Politics and International Relations, and Business and Economics.

Adviser: Dr. Melissa Hardin.
This fall semester program provides students the opportunity to live and study on a Chinese university campus. Housed within the College of International Education at Capital Normal University, the CAPA Beijing Study Center offers intensive Chinese language taught by local instructors and internships in businesses and organizations where English and Chinese are spoken. An Ursinus faculty member teaches courses in his or her field. Students live in an international student residence hall.

Major in
East Asian Studies 
Minor in
East Asian Studies