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At Ursinus, you complete a traditional major and one of three programs: certification for public school teaching, a secondary education minor or an elementary education minor. The certification program offers specialization in any one of the following areas:

  • Kindergarten through grade 12: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Environmental Studies, Health and Physical Education
  • Grade 7 through grade 12: Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Social Studies

The program is selective, offering hands-on experience in local school districts for every education course. A high percentage of our graduates pursue advanced degrees for continued professional development.

Students observe and interview personnel in all aspects of local school district planning and curriculum development. During the student teaching semester (which fulfills the independent learning experience requirement), students teach a full schedule and collaborate with school district and college supervisors on a weekly basis for support and problem solving.

Students who minor in education work directly in the field to identify current issues and trends, to design research and to propose solutions or innovations to local school districts. They often apply learning and psychology and present research at state, regional, national and international levels, stressing learner choice and independence.

Many of our graduates have accepted jobs in public schools, private schools and in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Additionally, some of our education graduates have applied their knowledge and skills in their medical, law and business careers.

Of all the professions, teaching has the greatest potential impact to change lives, and America is beginning to recognize it. That is why the skilled, credentialed education professional, experienced in the classroom, has the opportunity to make change as never before. Teachers are at the forefront of the most urgent community issues, from charter schools and school choice to measuring performance and setting national education standards. We can have better schools, and a liberal arts education supplies the broad perspective you need to understand these issues and act effectively. The future of the nation depends on it.


What differentiates Ursinus from other education programs?

Whereas many programs in teacher certification focus mainly on the methods and techniques of education, the education program at Ursinus believes that good teachers are those that are liberally educated. This includes understanding the social, political, cultural, historical, and philosophical contexts within which education takes place.

Yes, we will give you the practical tools you need to become a classroom teacher, but we will also challenge you to become thoughtful about a wide range of educational issues.

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For principals, superintendents, potential cooperating teachers -- and prospective students:

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