Career Fair

Volunteer to be an Alumni Career Ambassador!  It’s a fun, rewarding and meaningful way to give back to Ursinus!  You can make a significant impact on the career path of a current student or fellow alum by providing your advice and insight.



If you wish to purchase one today, an attractive Ursinus College Pennsylvania license plate featuring the familiar profile of Bomberger Tower can be yours... hassle free! (This is open to all alumni, faculty, students, parents and friends of the College. The word "Alumni" does not appear on the plate.)

Contact the Alumni Office at 610-409-3585 or by e-mail at to request an application.

Fill out the registration form and return it along with your one-time payment of $20 per plate made payable to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This is a fee mandated by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Your plate will arrive at your home with a new registration sticker within a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will an Ursinus plate cost?
A: A one time payment of $20.00

Q: What do I do with my existing plate?
A: When your Ursinus plate arrives, PennDOT will include instructions on what to do with your old plate.

Q: What if my registration comes up for renewal before I get my Ursinus plate?
A: Always pay your registration.  You are paying to register your vehicle, not your plate. PennDOT will send the Ursinus plate with a new registration sticker, which will be the same date as on your old plate.

Q: May I have my plate personalized?
A: No. Numbers will be assigned randomly.

Q: My vehicle is registered in my parents' names, can I still get a plate?
A: Yes. Simply complete the form according to the information on the registration card. The name on the application form and the signature on the application form must match. Again, make sure the form is completed by the person on the registration card.

Q: Will it be the Pennsylvania Tri-color plate?
A: Yes. All Ursinus College plates will be in the standard issue design of blue, yellow and white.