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Academic Break Information -
Resolving Laptop Problems

Laptop Returns

If you know that you will not be returning to Ursinus after an academic break you will need to make arrangements to turn in your laptop and accessories before leaving campus. Failure to do so will result in the actions noted below. If you decide during a break that you will not be returning, immediately call Information Technology and make arrangements to return your laptop to the college.

Actions taken upon failure to return laptop

Non-returning students who fail to immediately return their laptops:

  • Will have the cost of the laptop, accessories and software added to their college account.
  • Holds will also be placed on the release of grades, transcripts, etc.
  • Will have the unreturned laptop reported as a theft to the police
  • Will have collection proceedings initiated against them to recover the cost of the unreturned laptop and accessories.

Laptop Hardware Problems

When you are off campus for an academic break there are certain procedures that you should be aware of concerning the repair or theft of your laptop and printer.
For technical questions concerning your laptop or printer:

  • Contact the Ursinus College Information Technology Technology Support Center
  • No staff is available from Christmas Eve to New Years Day.  Problems that are reported during this interval will be addressed when staff returns in January.


  • You can call Dell directly at: 1-800-234-1490.
    • If you are traveling outside of the United States, you will need additional warranty information.
    • Contact the Technology Support Center before you leave the country for additional information.


Laptop Theft

If the laptop is stolen while you are off campus:

  • Report the laptop theft to the local police immediately.
  • For insurance purposes, a copy of that police report MUST be sent to Campus Safety and Information Technology.
  • Contact the Technology Support Center by phone ( 610-409-3789) as soon as possible.
  • If on campus, you must contact Campus Safety and file a theft report with them.
  • Please be aware that a laptop stolen from an unlocked car is NOT covered by insurance.

Travel Tips

  • Know where your laptop is at all times. It is a prime target for thieves who use distraction techniques in airports to steal laptops.
  • Most X-ray machines are safe for computers BUT it is best to ask that the laptop be checked by hand. so that it does not disappear from the one side of the X-ray machine if for some reason you would get stopped at the metal detector.
  • Check with your airline attendant before booting up to make sure it is ok to use the computer, especially during take off.

Important Phone Numbers

Ursinus College Technology Support Center


Dell Service



Blackboard Course Combine Form

Faculty and Staff Technology Resource Guide (pdf)

Student Technology Resource Guide (pdf)


Ursinus College Technology Support Center

Dell Service
1-800-234-1490.  Then press 1, 7269080, 5, 5