Focus Instructions
Focus PowerPoint

 The Ursinus Career and Professional Development Office has partnered with FOCUS to provide you with a self-paced, online career guidance tool used to assist you in self-assessment and career exploration.  Users of FOCUS learn to make more realistic decisions about their goals and plans and how to self-manage their careers. This is an invaluable tool for all students, freshman through senior.   You can set up an account by logging on to FOCUS and following the directions listed in the focus Instructions above.

What FOCUS will do for you:

  • Explore Your Career Planning Status
  • Self-Assess Your Interests, Values and Skills
  • Explore and Investigate Occupations Based On Your Interests and Work Values
  • Discover and Evaluate Occupations Based On Educational Areas of Study, Education Level & Skills
  • Explore and Consider Occupations Based On Personality and Life Values
  • Consider Occupations Based On Leisure Activities
  • Search for and Analyze Occupations Based on Your Skills
  • Find Information for a Specific Occupation - Compare Two Occupations Side by Side