The FOUR YEAR Academic and Career Action PLAN

Start here - Start early - Start now!

Self-Assessment, Career Awareness & Planning
Self assessment is the most important step in successful career decision-making. In the first year of college, freshmen should explore life values, identify career values, identify academic strengths and weaknesses, and analyze past work history. Make these discoveries through academics, clubs, sports and organizations.

Career Exploration, Gaining Experience and Leadership Development
After completing your freshman year and some self assessment, you should be ready to begin the career exploration process. This step involves translating your findings about your interests, values and aspirations into a major and possible career.

Goal Setting, Gaining Experience and Grad School Planning
Career goals or graduate plans become more established with the completion of upper level courses. Starting early will best prepare you for job interviews and the graduate school application process.

Put it all Together:  Implementation and Transition
This is the year where all your hard work pays off. Self assessment, career exploration, and advance preparation will make this year easier for you – but there is still a lot of hard work ahead!