YouR Employer BRand at Ursinus

Students are much more likely to apply for your internships and jobs if your organization is familiar. One of the most effective ways to grow your employer brand with the Ursinus community is to engage in activities outside of recruiting. Are you currently unable to recruit due to the economy or other reasons? Maintaining a presence on campus is key in being poised to quickly tap into the right candidates once things turn around.

We are very flexible and enjoy working with organizations in creating a personalized plan for campus involvement. Below are just a few of the ways that employers may engage with our campus community. Please contact Sharon Hansen, Associate Director for Employer Relations, if you would like to participate or need more information to help you make a decision.


JOB, INTERNSHIP & Networking Fair

Every February the Career Services Office hosts a Job Internship, and Networking Fair.  This event has been productive for both students and employers.  We hope that you will be able to join us on Wednesday, February 12, 2014!  For more information, call our office at 610-409-3599.

Information Sessions

An Employer Information Session is an educational presentation that allows organizations to communicate their brand and mission, and describe opportunities and career paths for students and new grads. Hosting an information session can be a highly effective component in your overall presence-building strategy and can greatly enhance your on-campus recruitment efforts. . Highly effective strategies for successful information sessions include bringing an Ursinus alum who currently works in the organization and can share a new hire perspective. If an alum is not available, other recent college grads tend to appeal to current students. Also holding the Information Session before the Job Internship and Networking fair can be beneficial, especially if it’s your first time visiting campus. This timing helps raise awareness and increases student interest in your organization.

Career Panel Presentations

Career panels have been very successful.  Most recently our panel programs have focused on Careers in Finance and Accounting, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, and the Environment.  The success of these programs depends on the participation of employers and alumni.  If interested in participating in upcoming programs in your organization's area of expertise, please let us know.

Interviewing Workshops/Mock Interviews

Students want to know what employers look for in interviews.  Mock interviews and workshops are a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in a realistic, but non-threatening forum.  Employers have presented interviewing workshops (e.g., "Interviewing from the employer's Perspective") and visited campus to do individual practice interviews with students.

Host a Site Visit for Students At Your Workplace

Students love to learn about the world of work. Make a great impression upon potential candidates by inviting a group of students to your organization for a tour, meet-and-greet, and perhaps a speaker or panel of current interns/employees. Our staff will manage publicity, registration, and transportation. You pull together a program to showcase your organization.

Join Us For Lunch On Campus

Grow partnerships with Ursinus by joining us for lunch. Your visit will be personalized by inviting select faculty and staff, providing a tour of the Career Services Office as well as campus, and providing introductions to the leaders of related student organizations.